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Teens are not the no-privacy generation after all

Report: Teens Actually Do Care About Online Privacy — Dark Reading

I keep hearing people say that young people today don’t care about privacy, and that we are living in a post privacy world. This is clearly not the case.

Teens share a lot, maybe much more than I would be comfortable with, but that does not mean that they share everything, or don’t care about where that information goes.

A new report from the Pew Research says that over half of teens have avoided or un-installed a mobile app because of privacy concerns. This is a sign that they are privacy aware and willing to do something about it.

Teens almost always have something that they want to hide, if only from their parents.


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  • antonio · August 30, 2013 at 5:07 am

    interesting report, looks like teens won’t be so willing to give up their privacy for a squeeze toy. i wonder if this behavior trend is having any impact on app developers? not all mobile apps are looking to be the next PII honeypot in the sky and i wonder if clearer data use messaging would be appropriate? “XYZ will not aggregate or sell your location data, enabling location services will allow XYZ to geotag pictures for your convenience, etc etc.” sounds like the issue around privacy for these kids is not what you are collecting but why are you collecting data and how will you use it? clarifying how the data is being used and putting explicit limits on that usage might keep your apps active users up…

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