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“Anonymizer Universal” product suite launched!

I am really excited to announce our new product “Anonymizer Universal” (AU), available starting today. AU represents a totally new architecture for our services.

Not only is it more powerful, faster, and much more capable, but it now also supports Mac and iPhone platforms! With one subscription you can use it across any of the supported devices.

Our new solution is VPN based, and bypasses any specific software support issues. AU works with any browser. Any program that connects to the Internet will automatically take advantage of AU. All connections between your computer and Anonymizer are cryptographically protected.

AU continues to leverage our massively scaleable backend infrastructure that provides the anonymity and daily rotating IP addresses.

AU will replace both our “Anonymous Surfing” and “Total Net Shield products”. “Nyms” is becoming all web based and will soon be upgraded with new interface options and better integration.

Expect to see more new capabilities and expanded solutions going forward as the renewed and expanded resources we are devoting to these products bear fruit.

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  • Susan Modeski · March 31, 2013 at 6:46 am

    After switching from TNS to Anonymizer Universal, I found some good and some bad. It has a much improved interface. I can turn it on and off easily fromt he desktop. It also masks my ip better. I found with Total Net Shield my internet provider could be disclosed if I had my scripts turned on. Universal fixed that problem. The only big problem of Anonymizer Universal is that it seems to hang when loading websites. They do come up, but usually after a wait of sometimes up to a minute. That would be a deal changer for me, unless I see improvements before my next subscription renewal.

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